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Installing WordPress Offline using XAMPP on Windows

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP scripting language and MySQL. WordPress enables you to create a website without having any coding skills by just dragging and dropping elements. 

WordPress will allow you to build your blog or any other type of website faster. 

Installing WordPress on a local server before launching your site on a live server is more recommended since you will benefit from efficient workflow and faster loading times. Additionally, installing WordPress offline enables you to test your site changes, plugins, and themes in a safe environment – if something goes wrong while developing your site it will not affect your live site. There are some things you will need before getting started on your journey of working offline with WordPress. Some of the things include:

Xampp or Wamp,

WordPress package

With that in mind, let’s get started on installing WordPress.

Installing XAMMP on your PC

This is usually the first step to ensure that we have an active local server running on your computer. I have already covered a whole and a brief tutorial on How to Install XAMPP on Windows. So for now, if you have any trouble with XAMPP, you can revisit that tutorial.

Read more on How to Install XAMPP on Windows

Download WordPress

Visit www.wordpress.org, click on Get WordPress and you will be directed to a page with an option of downloading WordPress as shown below. 

D:\Intelligny Tutorials\How to install WordPress for Offline usage on Windows\wordpress-download.PNG

Download the latest version of WordPress. After downloading, go to your download folders and copy the WordPress zipped file. Copy the file and navigate to where you installed XAMPP (the default and recommended installation for XAMPP are on the local disk C of your computer).

Ton opening the folder you will find a folder named htdocs, open it and paste the copied WordPress file in it. 

Right-click on the WordPress zipped file and extract its contents (you are free to use any software you prefer for extracting the zipped file, in my case am using WinRar).

Open the extracted folder (in my case it was WordPress 5.2.3).

Copy the WordPress folder inside it. 

Paste the copied file in htdocs folder. Open the WordPress folder (then one you just pasted) and inside it you will find a file named wp-config-sample.php. Open the file using your favorite text editor (in my case am using sublime text) and edit the file as shown below.

You are supposed to simply replace the database_name_here with your database name, the username_here with your database username, and the password_here with your database password. After editing my wp-config-sample it looks as shown below in the image.

Note: you are supposed to have created a database using the PHPMyAdmin interface.

Save the file and rename it to wp-config.php.

Open your browser and go to http://localhost/wordpress. You should see something similar to the following image

Select your preferred language and click Continue to proceed to install WordPress. Fill the form with your site title, username, password, email, and click Install WordPress to finish the installation process.

Login in using the credentials you set and start playing around with themes, and plugins to customize your site. 

With all that in mind, you have the required WordPress skills of installing WordPress and creating an outstanding site. Have fun creating your site.

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