Uploading an offline WordPress site to Cpanel

So you have already created an astonishing WordPress in your local machine. You now want the website to go live by uploading it to your hosting company. You try uploading like any other normal website that you encounter some problems. This tutorial will guide you through a series of steps until your website goes live. […]

Best Guide-How to Install and Configure XAMPP on Windows

XAMPP is free and open-source software that makes it easy for web developers and designers to install necessary components required to run PHP web-based software like Joomla, WordPress, and other software on Linux, macOS, and Windows. When I first started on web development, I only knew about Html and CSS. But I had to learn […]

Installing WordPress Offline using XAMPP on Windows

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP scripting language and MySQL. WordPress enables you to create a website without having any coding skills by just dragging and dropping elements.  WordPress will allow you to build your blog or any other type of website faster.  Installing WordPress on a local server before launching […]

Top 10 best code editors for programming

So you just learned your first programming language. Or maybe you are tired of using your current code editor. You want to change your taste and go for another code editor. However, there’s a problem – you don’t have the time to search for the best code editor that can support your current project. Or […]